Friday, June 8, 2018

smartphone overheating problem Solution

smartphone overheating problem Solution

smartphone overheating problem Solution
smartphone overheating problem Solution

1. Overheating problem in smartphone

Today, smartphone looks in the hands of every other person, as well as there is a big problem. It's a serious problem that overheating the smartphone Using a few apps at the same time while playing the game or using the phone together, the smartphone starts heating up slowly and after a while it gets heated up to a great extent, which is called overheating. With the help of a smartphone, the likelihood of defects in the device increases to a great extent. As well as affecting the phone's performance. However, it is not necessary that, 

Every user gets this problem in his smartphone, but most of the time users have this problem. So in today's article we have come up with some tips for you to help you avoid this problem. 

2. Overheating problem in smartphone

Which is due to smartphone hitting? There may be many reasons for this problem. Smartphones can have a bad processor or use multiple apps at once to overhaul the phone. Not only this, this problem can also occur if the user keeps his smartphone in high temperature for longer periods of time. 

3. Overheating problem in smartphone 

How to avoid this problem? 

1. Keeping the Internet data in the phone always keeps some of the features of the phone's location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While these features are not used more often, but having a background in the background, the phone's batteries are consumed soon and its battery is also affected badly.

4. Overheating problem in smartphone 

2. There are overheating reasons to use some apps simultaneously on the phone. Turn off apps if you do not need them. At the same time, the phone's RAM is cleaned up at a short time.

5. Overheating problem in smartphone

3. If there are any updates in the apps, update them briefly. This does not cause a bug in apps. Keep phone software updated as well. 

6. Overheating problem in smartphone 

4. Never charge a phone with another or duplicate charger. Never charge a phone battery up to 100% Another thing to keep in mind is that, whenever you charge the phone, charge only after removing the two plastic cover.

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